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How to Build Passive Income

My son, Josh Mettle, just interviewed me for his Physician Financial Success Podcast on iTunes.  I hope you give it a listen while you’re walking your dog, hiking or traveling up the coast 🙂  You will learn (among other things):

  • The kind of stuff they never teach you in real estate school.
  • What I learned from Donald Trump about picking up great properties.
  • How to bootstrap your way into income property investment.
  • How to weather the storm when markets move from good to bad to good again.
  • How to retire with cash flow.
  • How to start!

If you have a secret desire to bridge from the billable hour to passive income for life, this may help you get started.  Enjoy!


  • You have definitely learned quite a bit. It’s one thing to read a landlord book, and quite another to actually be a landlord.

    No Nonsense Landlord

    August 29, 2016

  • To be successful, you need a few bad tenants. And lot of education on how to buy properties at a discount. And it doesn’t hurt t know some construction techniques, and how to remodel a property.

    As someone who has enough cash flow to retire from rentals, I can assure everyone that it is 100% possible.

    No Nonsense Landlord

    June 4, 2016

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